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2017-07-15 07:56 pm
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 Hi all! Welcome! My name is Bones, BonesOfBirdWings on AO3 and flightofmorning on Tumblr. (Links can be found on my profile page.)

I write and read fanfic in a lot of fandoms.

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I'm a gay sleep scientist, so also expect a lot of crying about science, sleep, and my girlfriend.
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2017-07-14 08:33 pm

Answers to Hannibal Logic Puzzle

The original puzzle is here. Below the cut are the answers.

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2017-07-14 07:59 pm

Hannibal Logic Puzzle

Hannibal Lecter is throwing a dinner party this evening, and he’s currently in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. Sadly, his friends from the Bureau can’t attend, because the Chesapeake Ripper has just left five simultaneous crime scenes! On a completely unrelated note, Hannibal is serving one of five entrees to each of his guests. Each meal is made out of a different organ, each harvested from five rude people engaged in a various professions (one is a banker), and each committing one of five offenses. Sadly, in the furor of the evening, Hannibal has lost his plans for which guest is to be served each dish. He would be most appreciative if you could assist in reconstructing his dinner plans. To do otherwise would be rude. We wouldn’t want that.

Seating arrangements for the dinner. Note: “directly across” is both of the numbers across the table. For example, 4 and 5 are directly across from 2.

1. The five dishes are, in no particular order: the lung entrée, the meal made from the plumber, the dish served to the person sitting directly clockwise from the person who was served the heart entrée, the meal made from the person who flipped off Hannibal in traffic, and the dish served to the person sitting directly across the table from the person served the kidney and the one served the dish made from the especially profane victim.

2. The person served the liver sits between the person served the barista and the one who was served the rude artist who was unacceptably noisy during a performance at the opera.

3. The person served the lawyer is sitting in seat 1.

4. The person who was served the thigh is sitting directly clockwise from the person served the kidney and directly across the table from the person served lungs and the one served the rude victim who spilled coffee on Hannibal’s new suit without apologizing.

5. The lawyer did not have his liver harvested.

6. The meal made from the man who was drunk-flirting with Will Graham was served to a person who is not sitting next to the person who was served the profane barista.

7. The person who spilled his coffee on Hannibal did not have his heart harvested.
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2017-07-12 03:37 pm

My trope bingo table!










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2017-07-11 10:03 pm

Letter for Press Start

 Dear Writer,

Thanks so much for writing a fic or other piece of writing (I'm open to IF or other alternative fiction media) for me in this exchange! I'm really excited to see what you create! Feel free to disregard my prompts if you don't like any of them - I'm really not picky except with my DNWs.

General Likes - unexpected twists, subversions/new explanations of canon material, clever explanations or interpretations of canon plotholes, AUs (soulmate, wrong number, etc.), slow burn, friends to lovers (or enemies to friends to lovers), magical realism, time travel, surrealism (playing with the border between reality and unreality), characters being intelligent and competent, romance between eldritch horrors/gods/demons/immortal beings and normal humans, age difference, gay relationships (either f/f or m/m), speaking to the dead, and on-the-very-edge-of-healthy codependent relationships (or even unhealthy codependent relationships, as long as all the participants are happy in the relationship - no Stockholm syndrome please).

General Dislikes - fake dating AU, sex without love, miscommunication-driven plot, love triangles, jealousy, het relationships as the main pairing (in some fandoms - will note exceptions in the prompts).

General DNWs - Non-con, hate sex, infidelity, bloodplay/painplay, abusive f/f relationships, graphic mutilation/eye horror/hand horror/body horror with a living, aware person (corpse mutilation is fine and zombie mutilation is fine).

Fandom specific prompts:

Oxenfree - Alex

DNWs - Straight Alex (gay, bi, pan, or ace only please. het relationships are fine as Alex is not explicitly straight), PWPs, pregnancy. 

I just finished playing this game for the first time, and I love it. I really love the concept of the Sunken and the use of the radios and frequencies to open up portals to other places. I especially love the timeloops in this game and the way that both time and space are mutable and subject to tampering. The blurring of reality in this game is really fantastic, as well as the ideas presented about death, free will, and tragedy.

Specifically with Alex, I'd love an exploration her after-canon life and her continuing relationships with the other characters. You can explore how she deals with the continued loops or what she does when she breaks out of them. How does she deal with the world after her experiences on Edwards Island? What is her relationship with the supernatural? If she manages to go to college out-of-state, how does she navigate that new environment?

Stardew Valley - Penny, Penny/Maru, Female Player/Maru, Sebastian, Sebastian & Maru, Male Player/Sebastian

No specific DNWs.

Stardew Valley is a really open-ended game, and similarly, you could take this fic anywhere. In general, I think it would be interesting to have a fic that played the mechanics of the game completely straight - the player does dig up lost books and fish dinosaur eggs out of the river. You could go weird with this (like this is the one spot of weirdness in a normal world) or fantasy (where animated skeletons and wizards and witches are normal).

Penny, Penny/Maru, and Female Player/Maru - I love Penny and I love Maru and I love them being gay. Penny's relationship with her mother is a big part of her chara
cter, and I think a fic about her finally moving out and separating herself somewhat from her mother could be cool. Maru has a lot of ideas and interests and also stretches herself very thin. It might be interesting to explore how Maru's partner is able to anchor her and to be a sounding board?

Sebastian, Sebastian & Maru, Male Player/Sebastian - Sebastian is interesting, I think. He's at the point in his life when he sees himself as an outsider, but at the same time, he really isn't - this is his community and his people. It would be cool to see a fic where he and Maru come to a better understanding, or where his romance is able to give him more perspective on the community and the people in it.

Animal Crossing - Mayor Protagonist

DNWs: Any sex at all.

This is one fandom where any weird insight into the world is appreciated - no Animal Crossing creepypasta can ever be better than that Tom Nook creepypasta, but new, interesting takes on what is going on here could be cool.

On a different note, a fun piece about the trials and tribulations of mayor-ship could be really cute. The animals are a... little obtuse at the best of times and they never donate significantly to your public works projects, so you could write a fic about trying to organize something or get donations.

Thanks so much for writing me something! I'm sure to love it!

~ Bones